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Welcome to the website of HomelyIdea.com, a website about home appliances. We started this website in 2020 out of the founders' frustration of having to search the internet for information on home appliances. The idea was to provide a one-stop-review platform on home appliances and what better way to do that than to create a website that provides in-depth and unbiased reviews of the best products on the market!

We do all the digging. If it looks like a spade, we call it a spade. If it’s flawless and fabulous, we pick out the best product for you. We make sure that you don’t waste your time with anything else other than the best.

We bring you the best products with our own experiences. It’s a gamble to plow money into something based on rumors on the internet. Our picks are strong, verified, and backed by experience. Occasionally, when we don't receive the product in person, we use the internet, review the reviews and ratings that the amazon and Flipkart customers have given. Occasionally we even search Quora.com and Reddit.com to see what small bits of information we can get before choosing the best products and writing about it.

Meet Our Team

We work as a small team with highly qualified writers with experience writing about their specific subjects. They produce great pieces by doing precise analysis and research.


Satyajit Routray


Satyajit is the founder of Homelyidea.com. He is an enthusiastic techie who spends his time blogging, doing SEO stuff. Early in his career, he worked for IBM as a junior software programmer. Later, he became an SAP ERP consultant and helped companies implement SAP ERP. While he was at that stage of his career, he reviewed and studied the e-commerce industry, and a year later, While running his t-shirt and mobile cover store he also became an Amazon seller and began selling on Amazon during that time.

Although he failed on that front, he did learn many things about SEO, Content optimization, Implementation of AI in business, the importance of Google algorithm, and social media ads and their impact on online businesses. When working as an active seller on Amazon, he learned how to convert qualified leads into sales, running effective sales campaigns, understanding buyer intent, etc. At the same time, he also encountered returns, customer dissatisfaction, and negative reviews on products.

He decided, therefore, to use his experience and awareness to conduct detailed, in-depth product research while making a purchase. This is why he started Homelyidea.com with the sole objective of educating consumers about the products they purchase and helping them make an informed decision.

Satyajit has a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Utkal University and He did his software engineering from NIIT. He also holds multiple certifications, including the Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist, Oracle Certified Database Associate, and Sun Certified Java Programmer.

Ankita completed her B.tech from Amity University in Gwalior in 2017. When she joined Homely joined she was already held 1 year of experience in technical writings and writing product reviews.

As a skilled engineer herself, Ankita’s articles always get notice. She enjoys writing technical articles because she has a background in computer science. On top of that, she knows just how to market them effectively. She uses her marketing knowledge to make her article look appealing.

Ankita Singla posing

Ankita Singla

Author, Review Hacker

Picture of Nitesh Shah

Nitesh Shah

Author and Editor, Lead Reviewer

Nitesh Shah is an integral part of the content creation team. He oversees the creative part, where he puts his engineering mind on whole reviewing electronics and home appliances, and writes reviews after doing extensive research on the product. Nitesh Shah is a mechanical engineer passed out from Kiit, Bhubaneswar, Later he shifted to New Delhi where he got a chance to work with Jindal Group as a Junior Engineer.

Nitesh while carrying out his engineering was passionate about electronics and plumbing systems. He would do extensive study on HVAC system on Air conditioners and other appliances. Due to his interest towards consumers electronics he choose to be a products reviewer at Homelyidea.com.

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